Extremely Disappointing Customer Service

I have been attempting to resolve an issue regarding a promotional upgrade to an iPhone 13 since June. For months I've been led to believe the promotional credit would be applied. I've been told to wait until the next months bill and then the processing would catch up and the credit applied. Today, after hours on the phone in the months previous and after promises for the credit to be applied and reimbursement for payments to be made, I was told that in fact the promotion didn't apply to the device and in fact the credit and payments would not be issued.
The customer service of the last few Verizon representatives has been extremely disappointing to put it kindly. The tone and choice of words leads to me feeling patronized and unappreciated as a long time customer. Additionally the fact that customer service representatives have made promises  Verizon is now not honoring is not just disappointing but disingenuous. I have been a Verizon customer with never a late payment for  over 20 years. If I continue to be treated as I have been It is highly likely I'll look for a new provider at my earliest opportunity.

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Re: Extremely Disappointing Customer Service
Customer Service Rep

Hello! I am sorry to read that you have been experiencing this situation with our customer service, we really appreciate your feedback  and this helps to improve our customer experience. If you have any question, do not hesitate to send us a private note once more for further assistance. Remember Verizon Social Media is available 24/7 for you! Have an excellent rest of your day.