Extremely Slow Network Speeds.
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I was a happy AT&T customer, and due to some complications I switched to Verizon. With my old service I averaged 20+ mbps down, and I was happy.

Ever since I switched to Verizon at no point have I been able to consistently hit 10 mbps. It’s actually worse. I average 1-2 mbps, and tech support just tells me my network is in “management.” I get my network is slowed down, but to 1 mbps when I’m paying premium money for a premium service?!?!? Why is my service so slow?! It just doesn’t make any sense. Is it COVID related? 

It doesn’t matter where I go nor the signal strength, my networks speeds are abhorrent. I’m ecstatic that I refused to pay for the “premium streaming”! If I watch videos they have to be on 360 (480 if I’m lucky). 

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