Extremely slow data

I've complained hundreds of times now. I travel ALOT for work 3 weeks out of the month I'm away from home. I count on my phone being able to FaceTime my wife and son. I also count on my data for entertainment. Despite purchasing the play more unlimited data plan Ive had absolute trash data speeds, YouTube is a joke. It take 30 seconds or more to send a message or email. I've reset the phone. I've reset the network settings. Taken out the SIM card out and re-inserted it into the phone. I've done everything. I NEVER had a problem with sprint NEVER. This is becoming rediculous I pay an absurd amount just for my line I hate to say it but if this isnt resolved by 10/30/19 I'll be going back to sprint. 

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Re: Extremely slow data
Customer Service Rep

We'd never want to see you go and want to ensure you're getting the best possible service, Annoyedverizoncustomr. Let's take a closer look into this. Just to confirm, are you experiencing issues with service everywhere you travel or is this only when you're at certain locations? Do you experience any issues with calls or regular text? Does this happen indoors and outdoors? How much data has been used so far this month?