Extremely unhappy with customer service - they took action without my permission

One week ago lost an iPhone 11 Pro associated with a Verizon account. Although the iPhone was lost, the it was still connected to my other apple devices and texts were being forwarded through my apple ID. Rather than get a new iPhone now, I am waiting until October when the iPhone 12 is released.

Today I purchased a prepaid Verizon phone and paid for a prepaid service plan so that I could make a phone call in case of an emergency until the 12 comes out. I called Verizon to help me set this up. While I was on the phone with someone from Verizon, I asked if my original Verizon cell number could be connected to the prepaid phone, and explained that my initial phone was lost. This person said no, and WITHOUT MY PERMISSION, DISCONNECTED MY PHONE NUMBER FROM THE LOST IPHONE. I stopped getting any texts to my number forwarded to my other apple devices. Nobody can reach me via phone call or text.


I have spent 7+ hours on the phone with Verizon today and have spoken with over 12 people. It is impossible to reconnect my number to the lost since the lost phone is turned off. People from Verizon have transferred me to apple and apple has confirmed that I will not be able to get any texts associated with. my original Verizon phone number without an apple phone. I would like Verizon to provide me with an apple phone because the DISCONNECTED IT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION AND I HAVE NO WAY OF BEING CONTACTED BY PEOPLE.



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Re: Extremely unhappy with customer service - they took action without my permission
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I find it hard to believe a rep would purposely hurt their own stats to do a random disconnect. 

If the device was reported lost/stolen then that would make a bit more sense since this blacklists it.