FED UP with Verizon’s trade in program

I have been trying to get my phone credit correct for months and Verizon continues to disappoint. I have the promotion still on my phone and it states that I can get a free iPhone 13 pro on Verizon with trade in of select phones as well as having a certain plan. I had both. Now Verizon wants to only give me half of what the phone is worth. I have been around multiple times with Verizon and every time they claim that they have fixed my problem and that everything will reflect on the next billing cycle. Well the next cycle comes and nothing is fixed! And this is a cycle that continues not to be fixed. I’m to the point where I am about to switch to a different company if something isn’t fixed soon. 

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Re: FED UP with Verizon’s trade in program
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Making sure you can get what you should from your trade is a big deal. I know every dollar counts. I'm glad to look into this for you right away. I've sent you a private message. Please reply when you can so we can fully help.