False Information - Discounts and Promotions

I chose to upgrade my plan and phone today through chat with a sales representative. What I was told below:

1. I could keep the discount I had on my current ‘shared data’ plan with the ‘Start Unlimited’ plan I was upgrading to.

2. There was a $200 promotion for buying an IPhone 11 Pro and a 256GB size would be roughly $39 a month after promotion.

3. I decided to upgrade my wife’s phone as well. We both chose 256GB. I confirmed with the agent in chat the plan cost for two lines with discount and the monthly charges on the phone which came out to roughly $172 a month. The agent DID confirm in writing this number was correct.

I decided to proceed with the transaction. I get my receipt and the agent had ordered two 64GB phones at 41 a month and the plan was 60 a month with no discount to total roughly 202 a month.

I went back into chat (2 hours after receiving my receipt) to get more clarity and was told I was given wrong information. I said fine but id like to cancel the order and go back to my original plan. I was told the orders are processing and they can’t do anything (at this point I’m speaking to a manager). I spoke to a 2nd agent who couldn’t even see the chat with my original orders anymore so I was told to contact customer care. 

I’ve been a Verizon customer for over 15 years and never have I been given such misleading information and gotten such little help to rectify the situation. Tomorrow I will be calling a customer care manager and am hoping for a different reaction.


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Re: False Information - Discounts and Promotions
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You're going to be calling into to a random agent and escalating on them right away for a manager would be incredibly rude.

The way to fix this is call in calmly, request an order cancelation and then order your phones yourself.