False trade in promise

I went in on Dec 8th to look at a new iphone13 pro max for my wife.  Salesperson told us she qualified and would receive an $800 credit for her iPhone 8.  She seen my iPhone 10, did some typing and told me that I will get $800 as well. I asked numerous times if this was the case and I would get $800 for each phone. She reassured me that I would and my phone would only cost me $200 and my wife's would coat $300 after trade in. We agreed went ahead with the purchase, also got some accessories. Not a single part of this transaction went as planned. The headache to get these two phones was not worth it. My story is entirely too much to type. Needless to say it finished with an email saying we will get $84 and $135 for our two phones. This is not what a was promised in the store. My phone still worked fine to me I would not have traded it in. Someone needs to fix this. Regardless of any small print how are you allowing your employees to continue this practice? Reading though these posts this is a common practice.

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