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Having not found a great way to provide feedback to Verizon, I am going to use the community. I just wanted to voice my frustration with a recent interaction. I recently switched from AT&T to Verizon. In that process, I purchased 4 new IPhone 12 Pros, a Gizmo watch and have now added 2 new Apple Watches. At each moment, I preferred to just pay for the devices and not have them with the monthly fee. However, Verizon doesn’t let you do this. No big deal, so I proceeded. When I went to buy the Apple Watches, there was a discount for buying them and putting them into the monthly fee. While that wasn’t exactly what I wanted, it was $250 so I was happy to do it. Then I was told I couldn’t use that option because I had too much credit from the 4 phones (by the way, they were BOGO so the dollars couldn’t have been that high). So, I am forced to use monthly payment options but then can’t when there is a discount because you claim I have too much money on the account. Seems like someone should think about how to better handle a customer that just wants to pay you for it and by the way is ok with monthly so long as I can take advantage of the offers.

From a new customer that is feeling like Verizon isn’t very focused on making it easy on people that are trying to spend money with you. I have another line I want to add (the iPad I am typing on right now) but not sure it is worth it given the challenges with the watches.

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Re: Feedback for Verizon
Customer Service Rep

Eaholmes, allow me to start by apologizing that you have had to go through all of this. This is definitely not he first impression we would want for you being a new customer. We are definitely always open top feedback and it can be left on our website in the "feedback" tab along the right hand side. 


With that being said, I would like to address your purchasing concerns. You always have two options available to you. The first to make a purchase on a Device Payment Plan. This option will take the cost of the device and split it over the 24-month period. This option is usually required when parting in any type of promotion as the promotion is split over the same time frame. 


You do, though, always have the option of purchasing a device at full retail. You are not required to make device payments. The option is up to you on what works best. If you were told you were not able to do this, please provide us in a Private Note further details like the location that was assisting you and rep's name if you have it.