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I would like to provide some feedback on the awful Verizon Customer Service experience I've had over the last month.

I recently upgraded and purchased a new iPhone online, there was an issue with the order and it was never delivered to me. A customer service agent (after spending over an hour on the phone with her) told me to go into the store and get a phone there. I go to the store where the employees are confused why I was sent there because the original order was still in my account so they couldn't have me get a phone in-store. This was the Verizon in Hoboken, and I do want to mention that the people who worked there were very nice and helpful. They were able to get on the phone ( I spent 2 hours at the store), and had someone manually override the original order so I could walk out with my phone. I was guaranteed that I wouldn't be charged twice for the phone. I was.

The whole other issue here was I needed to trade in my old device to get an $800 credit that I signed for with my upgraded line. In total, I probably spent almost 10 hours on different phone calls trying to get this trade-in issue resolved. Finally, last week it seemed to have happened when I was transferred to an escalation team who ensured me that I would see the credit hit my account, they also said I would receive a follow-up call to confirm this. I never received that call and had to spend another 2 hours on the phone today confirming that I would be refunded properly for the initial order and that I was receiving my trade in credit. After several dropped calls, this was confirmed.

Finally, I asked to speak to someone to who I could provide feedback and express my frustrations. I was transferred to Dante, who I explained my experience to and all that really came out of that conversation was a reiteration of my billing statement, and a suggestion to dispute the refund with my bank to see it faster. When I expressed that the complimentary waiving of my $35 start-up charge did not feel sufficient for the horrific experience I've had with Verizon, I was told that Verizon does not compensate for time.  When I asked questions as to why I had to speak with so many different service agents and why this issue was not escalated in the first place, his response was that Verizon wouldn't really be able to see that kind of detail to know to escalate it. The whole conversation was dismissive. 

This is not okay for me. Several times throughout this process I had been guaranteed that the issue was resolved,  to have it not be.  There is an obvious lack of communication between all the different customer service departments and no clean process to keep customer notes in an account because I had to re-explain my situation every time I got on the phone. I would love to know what Verizon plans to do to address this issue and prevent it in the future. I really am considering switching service providers the next time I'm due for an upgrade.  I really only scratched the surface here with all the issues I had. 

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Like other customers such as bcodey512, I've been battling a recurring billing issue for over three months with no resolution in sight. Despite numerous assurances from your representatives that the problem would be resolved, I still find myself in this predicament. My move to Verizon was inspired by my desire for reliable coverage, security, and your laudable support for U.S. Military members. However, my experience thus far has been far from satisfactory.

To briefly outline the issue: I switched to a cheaper plan marketed to military members to cut costs following a job loss. Unbeknownst to me, this switch triggered a "promo charge back," resulting in an unexpected $1,300 charge on my next bill. I've spent countless hours on the phone with various representatives who provided empty promises but no concrete solutions. I reluctantly paid this fee to avoid further disconnection and late fees.

Now, I find myself forced to sever ties with Verizon due to the non-application of the promised credit, and I had to pay an additional $289 to facilitate the move to another carrier.  My request for a refund of the remaining $1,300 was met with accusations and a condescending attitude from a supervisor, who alleged that I had manipulated the contract. This conversation was my first time hearing that my original contract did not meet the promotion's requirements.

Admittedly, being told that I wouldn't receive any credit, my traded-in phones wouldn't be refunded, and considering the overall frustration, I did lose my composure during the conversation, for which I apologize.

I am writing this in the hopes that you will help me rectify this situation promptly. It's crucial that a mutually agreeable solution be found for this significant financial burden that's been imposed on me due to unclear contract terms and lack of adequate support from customer service.

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I’m saddened you’ve been having trouble. We’ve sent a Private Note, so we can assist further Jlicata