Feeling Discouraged by Verizon's Customer Service Today
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As is the case with many other people, I am experiencing severe financial hardship due to Covid-19. I have lost 2 jobs and am now struggling to make enough money to even buy food. I contacted Verizon via chat and spoke to Jamila (around 10am on 4/13/2020). I asked her for options to lower my bill and she was very unhelpful and even pretty rude. I told her that since losing my jobs I would not have the money to pay my next bill and would have to cancel all 7 lines of my family plan. One thing that I requested is that Verizon allows me to cancel the $20/month data plan for my iPad. I know $20/month isn't a large amount, but when you're not able to buy food for your family every little bit counts. Jamila told me she would cancel the $20/month iPad data plan but there would be a $175 penalty charge. I'm a bit confused, but when someone tells you they have lost their job and can't afford to pay their bill, how is paying a $175 penalty fee an appropriate solution? I told Jamila that if I had to cancel my Verizon plan, it would be over $500/month that Verizon would be losing (between our 7 lines we pay over $500/month). I asked her to please find a solution that would prevent us from having to cancel our plan. She simply said there were no other options and then provided me with the phone number to call to cancel my plan. I find it discouraging that amidst the crazy times we are living, where people are losing jobs and are having such severe hardships, Verizon isn't doing more to help. Instead of providing me a viable solution, Jamila offered me a solution that would charge me a $175 penalty fee and said, "there aren't any other options". I implore Verizon to instruct their employees to show more empathy in this time of crisis. Losing a customer who pays over $500/month seems to be a poor choice during this time. Thank you.

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