Finally Resolved...
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I have been frustrated since Saturday evening about the in-store pick up process and the lenghty delay in getting my new I-Phone.  However, I did finally get a notification that I could collect my phone from the store today and received really great customer service.  In the spirit of giving credit where credit is due, Anthony at the Wireless Zone store in Martinsville, VA was excellent.  

I hope that the corporate office will look into the system glitches that create painful delays in on-line customers getting their in-store pick ups immediately.  I select in-store pick up for other retailers and even grocery stores and have never had this type of issue. It was especially troubling because the phone was in stock at the time I arrived at the store initially.  During my sad waiting period, I read lots of feedback on this forum and all over the net about this issue.  This is a challenge that should be corrected immediately.

Shout out to Anthony - he is the reason I am not a Sprint customer right now!

Re: Finally Resolved...
Customer Service Rep

Hello DrPeppercorn, we are glad you were able to collect your phone from the store. We are even happier to see Anthony provided a world-class experience. However, we are sad to see you did not have a good online (in-store pickup) purchase experience. Your input is taken seriously and will be forwarded to the proper venues, so we can improve as a company. We appreciate your time and patience.