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I am having a problem with the amount of money you all add to my bill each month for covid help. It is an extra 300 a month and I don’t have that much and you keep shutting me off. Also I had asked a long time ago for my second line that begins with 603 to be shut off and cancel the plan and add the phone payments for that phone to my 368 because that one was paid off. You did add it to my 368 but have didn’t cancel the service for the 603 number I don’t want that on my plan anymore I was told it was done and nothing was done. Now I’m paying for this line and I don’t want it. Back to the covid I don’t know how you all think someone has 300 extra every bill to pay you on top of the bill they have. I just asked to have my service reconnected and I would pay some next week but you all won’t help me out. This is a company I have been with for years. Your reps on the phone don’t listen to anything anyone has to say they just keep saying the same thing over and over again. Can no one help in finance department or at least help by making payments. This terrible I need a phone you but am cut off 

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The last thing we want for any of our customers is for service to get suspended, Jenila3. You found a great team here to help sort all of this out. It is imperative that we get into some details here that can only be found in the account. To that end, I have sent you a Private Note to ask for these details.