Ford Sync

Since the last two IOS updates, now at 15.3.1, I cannot answer a call in my 2012 Ford on my Iphone Xr. When I tap the answer button on the steering wheel, I get the message "In Privacy". I can place a call but not receive. Any fixes?

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Re: Ford Sync
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Good morning, gc12718. We hope that you are having a great day. I also appreciate the excellent opportunity to be of assistance via this channel. We want to ensure that you get all the help you need and that your device works as intended. You mention that you have an iPhone XR and you currently have the iOS 15.3.1. Our resources show that the phone manufacturer has released version 15.4.1 for the iPhone XR as of 3/31/2022. The first troubleshooting step that must be done is to update the iOS version on your phone as per this link ( Please do this and test.