Free Upgrade Phones WEREN'T free?
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Was searching through my account for information on upgrading mobile hotspot service - and found out we are being charged for the 2 new phones we got in exchange for turning our phones in. We asked the sales associate MANY MANY times if the iPhone 13 Mini was REALLY "free" after the trade in - and SEVERAL TIMES she assured us it was. I even recorded the conversation. As well, we took screen shots of the offer, as it appeared on Verizon's website.  Just found out we will be making $19/mo payments for $700 phones until 2025.  I'm furious! We could have purchased BETTER phones for that price, but chose the 13 MINI because it was the one included in the "free offer". We are now more determined than ever to dump Verizon, and will begin looking into that process this week. Verizon employees LIED to us: The customer service agent on the phone who sold us the phones, and the associate at the store who helped us get them set up. 

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