Free iPhone 13 pro shown online promo ended 10/24/22, but when ordering it changed and agent online didn't disclose

Did anyone saw the same deal?  The agent is asking me to show the deal.  How convenient for them to put the burden on the customer.  If there was a glitch on the website, I am ok with it.  I was looking into phones from ATT, T-Mobile and Verizon in the morning and saw the Verizon deal.  When I got home at night the same free deal was available and I ordered with the help an agent.  Some help.  If I want out I have to pay $200.  I didn't catch the agent error until I got the phones 5 days later.  I am researching ATT and T-Mobile again to see if getting out is cheaper than keeping the plan.

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Re: ML0131
Customer Service Rep

Good afternoon ML0131, thank you for reaching out the Social Media Team, I am sorry t hear about that. Our goal is to provide you with the best experience. Please, send us a Private Note, so we can address all your concerns. Verizon is always here to help!