Frustrated by Customer Service, again
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Why is it every time I contact customer service,  no matter if it is on the phone, via twitter, or chat, it is a frustrating experience.

I enjoy the service, but, I don't understand why it has to be so hard to get the help I am asking for.

I have been DM'ing support for the better part of the day.    I just wanted to change my plan to be ready for 5G and the iPhone 12.     It has been nothing but a run around.   I have been chasing my tail with them back and forth and feel no closer to getting what I asked for help with.

My request was  seemingly simple.

I don't understand what was so difficult,  but it sure has been most frustrating and confusing process to get nowhere at the end of the day.

I feel like Verizon does not want my business after all of this hassle.  Not sure why     


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Re: Frustrated by Customer Service, again
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We apologize for the recent experience, mkoneya. The iPhone 12 release is right around the corner and we want to be sure that your account is on the best plan so you can enjoy our Nationwide 5G Network and your new iPhone 12. If you don't, please give us an update, what has happened since the time of the original post? Were you able to pre-order the iPhone 12?


Re: Frustrated by Customer Service, again
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Open app. Go to Account. Go to Manage Plan. Change your plan.

No one should be waiting on hold for something as basic as a plan change when Verizon gives you the tools to do it yourself.