Frustrated with Mobile Hotspot Speeds
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I'm currently on the "Get More Unlimited" plan with an iPhone 11 and trying to use personal hotspot to access the internet on my 2019 MacBook Air. Getting hotspot speeds mostly less than 1.0mbps (sometimes slightly above that) on my MacBook and I'm well within the first 30GB of the 4G LTE speeds allocated to hotspot on my plan. 

I am getting speeds of anywhere from 10 - 30mbps at any given time directly on the browser on my iPhone at home. When I am in other places around my hometown, I get upwards of 80mbps download. However, hotspot is still just as SLOW. 

Another line on my account has the "Do More Unlimited" Plan and is receiving the high speeds that you would expect on 4G LTE hotspot while sitting 6 feet away from me. 

Is it possible that Verizon has not setup my plan correctly? If this is the case I am not a happy customer because I have been paying $20 more/mo than I should, to get the speed that I have been getting, for several months now. I have contacted VSW Customer service several times and I always get the the scripted line: "speeds may slow down during periods of high traffic" -- I get that -- however, this slow hotspot issue is ALL THE TIME. When the lines on my account that are not "prioritized" (e.g. Start Unlimited plans) are getting better speeds than I am getting at the same moment in time -- I feel incredibly gypped. 


Thank you in advance for your help/advice.


Re: Frustrated with Mobile Hotspot Speeds
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Hello emkleefisch! We are terribly sorry to read that you're having trouble with your Hotspot. We know it's vital to have a fast connection, and we'd love to help. Please reply to our private note to get started.