Garbled and phone calls breaking up/dropping, iPhone
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About two weeks ago people I have been speaking with have said that they are only catching every other word and the connection is terrible, garbled or I'm simply "gone". It became so frustrating an issue as I have never had this problem with Verizon since switching over last year, but I use my phone for work and clients were complaining so I bought the new iPhone 13. Same exact issue. Please do not ask me if I restarted my phone or does it do it inside and outside the home, it should not be happening at all given it was never an issue before. I cannot call customer service because I cannot get a connection that lasts long enough or that doesn't break up. I am paying for a service that I can't use and my wife is on Verizon, same house, same phone and zero issues? She is on a different plan, so maybe the issue is on your end? I do not know but this is beyond frustrating. If it does not get resolved and soon, I will be dropping Verizon. 

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Re: Garbled and phone calls breaking up/dropping, iPhone
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Just purchased the IPHONE 13 Pro Max about a month ago and I have to say I am not impressed. This is supposed to be their flagship phone and it might be but what happened to Verizon's top of the line service?   I dropped more calls or could not be heard in a month than I ever did with my IPHONE 8 Plus and it seems that every new phone the service gets worse.  I barely get 2 bars on the service meter usually it holds at 1 bar I was actually shocked that driving through a city 60 miles away the phone was showing full service.  Not to mention unlimted 5g and they want extra for a hot spot that I rarely used. Come on Verizon, you use to be good but now greedy you lost what you had 25 years ago when I started with you. I really don't care for Android phones but I am thinking it might be time for a change either in phones or maybe providers or both.