HELP !!! I am stuck in Verizon heck and NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT
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OMG I am sitting here just wanting to scream or cry or throw something. This whole convoluted mess started maybe 10 days ago when I foolishly used Verizons online chat to inquire about upgrade options. We currently have iphone 7 Plus and thought we would like Iphone 11.  Someone on chat called 'Brittany" proceeded to offer me a BOGO but said it would require a 3rd new line and i told her no we don't want a third line - she then said no problem, we'll add it so you get the BOGO and then you 'simply" cancel the line and there ya go !!  - problem was later that night i got a bill WAY HIGHER than what I was quoted so called back in and got a live person by the name of Cindy Decker - very nice person who after checking with her supervisor said there isn't anyone called "Brittany" - doesn't that make you feel confident folks !! - luckily because it was chat i had proof so I didn't end up looking like a fool or a liar.  So Cindy said, I will cancel all that nonsense asI would have been charged an arm and a leg for a line I didn't want and that 'Brittany" whoever she was had LIED - yes admitted it, she had lied to me.  So after an hour, it appeared to be sorted and we were back to square one and Cindy said the phones were already on their way so make sure to DECLINE them so they just get returned and there will be NO RESTOCKING FEE and of course I said yes I certainly will do that (I did the next day when they arrived) but I still wanted my upgrade so Cindy said wait till Black Friday there's bound to be deals.  I waited and I called and spoke with Sydney on Chat who gave me a great deal of $300 off an iphone 11 etc. then transferred me to a customer care fellow and it took FOUR HOURS - from start to finish that one episode FOUR FLIPPING LONG HOURS - at the end I got my new iphone 11 ordered.  SO HERE I AM STILL WAITING FOR MY ******ing phone - Oh I've got a tracking number and it was supposed to arrive yesterday and didn't then they changed it to today and it hasn't come and HERE"S THE KICKER FOLKS - HERE IS THE PAYOFF - I leave the country on Thursday for a month oh yeah and I'VE BEEN CHARGED FOR THE PHONE --- so on my last day in town when I am supposed to be packing and cleaning and every thing else you do I will be driving 45 minutes to the nearest Verizon store because I CANNOT GET A LIVE HUMAN BEING ON THE dang PHONE !!!!!  Verizon if you are reading this SORT THIS OUT NOW  !!!!!!!!  this is absolutely outrageous service - i mean NOT ONE OF YOU got this right !!!

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Re: HELP !!! I am stuck in Verizon heck and NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING ABOUT IT
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Why would you call in the busiest shopping day of the year? Online shopping takes like 2 minutes instead of 4 hours.