HELP! Inexplicably Slow Data Speeds

I am on a plan with two other members. All three of us have the "Play More Unlimited" plan, which is supposed to offer fast data speeds. However, since switching from TMobile, all three of us have been experiencing excruciatingly slow data speeds, and dropped calls, especially in comparison to TMobile. 

I brought my phone (iPhone XS max) over from TMobile - where I never had an issue with speeds. The other two members bought brand new iPhone 11's when they switched to Verizon.

We each joined the plan at different times, via different store locations.

We all live in the Tampa Bay area, though we also all travel, and the issue persists no matter what city or state we are in. (From Miami, to San Diego)

When I run a speed test on my phone, while having 4 bars LTE, my upload and download speed average around 0.50 mbps, or less.

I have called customer service several times, put in multiple tickets with the network team, and they have not been able to come up with a resolution. The best answer they could give is that the towers in our area are overloaded. Though that doesn't explain the issue while traveling to other areas, including less populous regions. Additionally, I tested the speed, with other Verizon users, who are not on our plan but have their own "Play More Unlimited" plan, and while we are standing next to each other, with the same signal showing, we both run multiple speed tests on across different sites, and their speed show SIXTY (60) times faster. One of the other members on our plan tried this with other Verizon users as well and had the same result.

I ran through every troubleshooting option customer service had. Reset network settings, wiped my phone completely to reset it to manufacturer settings, turned on data roaming, turned off WiFi... I've spent hours on the phone with them at this point.

I am at a loss as to what could possibly be causing this, and I'm at the end of my rope. At this point we are simply paying for a service we are not receiving. We can't use our phones for basic things. Right now, looking to switch back to TMobile unless we can get a resolution. 

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