Hacked account got a trouble ticket never heard back from Verizon

My Verizon wireless account got hacked and someone ordered an iPhone 11 Pro and charged it to my account.  The CS rep sent it to escallation.  I got a trouble ticket number and never heard anything back.  The phone hadn't been shipped yet and was in "processing".  It should have been easy to stop the shipment but that never happened.  UPS tried to deliver and now it's being sent back to Verizon in Fort Worth.  Unfortunely, this phone is still showing up on my bill.  It seems whenever I need customer service from Verizon employee urgency is low.  Resolution is promised but it never happens.  CS showed no concern that my account was hacked.  They didn't even suggest that I change my password which I did anyway.  I need this off my bill.  I know from pass experience that getting somebody to actuallly sort out a billing issue at Verizon is nearly impossible.

I need to get a hold of the escalation team.  Or somone that has the ability to take action and get this recticfied. 

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