Hd Voice, and my voicemail.
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Hi. A few friends told me when they called and I did not pick up, they heard this message: 

welcome to verizon wireless your call cannot be completed as dialed please check the number and call again.

I was on the phone with a support person a day ago for a long time and they told me there was nothing wrong. I tried restarting my phone and they looked into everything. He said he would call me back - he never did.

Then I called a verizon store. They suggested checking with apple, since I have an iphone 13. So I did.

Apple said it was a verizon problem. 

I tried contacting verizon again through email. When I tried to reply to the email chat that finally got back to me, the buttons would not work and I was not able to respond.

I found a number in nyc and was able to finally talk to a level one tech expert. (that was not easy to find, and it shouldn't be that hard to find).  His name was Barry. He was very helpful. He informed me that there was a deeper problem and he had to forward me to a higher up tech expert. While we were talking I went into my verizon app and saw that the hd to voice app had been added onto my account. I never asked for that, and he wondered if that was part of the problem. I agreed and tried to unenroll. As soon as I did, I lost the connection, - all the bars were gone. I couldn't make phone calls. I tried re enrolling. I rebooted my phone. The bars came back. I tried calling back to see what he was saying about the deeper problem. I couldn't reach anyone and it forced me to chat. I chatted with someone. She told me to call *73. It seemed to fix the voicemail thing, but my pre recorded voice mail is gone. So, its fixed, but I'm confused and frustrated and kind of concerned.


One, because getting help for this was so hard, time consuming, and confusing. 

Two, because the *73 thing worked, why didn't the tech one expert notice that, and what was the other thing wrong with my phone? (btw he tried to sell me insurance at that point- wouldn't that be on verizon to help me out with something that wasn't working?) 


Three, why is the HD to voice thing the kind of situation where if I take it off of my account it makes me lose service?


I'd like a real resolution to this, and to be reconnected to the person who initially troubleshooted my problem. I wish verizon had more intuitive help services. This was really not ok. 



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