Help, please...
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I've been 100% Verizon for several years, dependent on the service for phone and Jetpack internet.  For a long time, the service was exceptional. But, since (maybe) Covid and more internet usage or whatever, the internet connection is cruddy more often than not.

But here's the deal...the tower my signal comes from is somewhere 36˚ northeast of my location. When I try to find it, I end up in an area where there are lots of towers and I get a different tower antenna signal. But it has to be several miles away and not in a straight line of sight.

I live in a rural area: 32˚58' 4" N, 86˚51' 60" W. I can SEE a tower some 3 miles NW of me at approximately 289˚. But it obviously doesn't have a Verizon antenna pointing in my direction. I don't know how many people in my area use Verizon service but probably most since the other carrier signals are worse than Verizon. But if Verizon could stick an antenna on that 3-mile-away tower, we'd be happy campers...😀


Re: Help, please...
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We definitely want to provide service that you can count on in order to use your jetpack. I appreciate the details you've shared and I'm happy to help. Have there been any recent changes in your area? To confirm, are you receiving slow speeds or experiencing poor connectivity?