Here is CLEAR pricing
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This is why we are switching to AT&T - Clear pricing as stated and emailed via transcript.

First lets state that I contacted Verzion to ask about upgrading to the unlimited plan and getting the iPhone 12 BOGO deal.

I've been with VZ for years and have 2 phones (X's paid off) and two 6 watches but when asked about the special they said I'd have to add yet another line for $20/month for the 'deal' - not really a 'deal when you read the following.

Here's what I proposed.

I will trade in 1 iPhone X (in great condition) 

I want to keep the 2 watches with cellular 

I want a iPhone 12 Pro 512 gb and a iPhone 12 (not pro) 256 gb

At&t clearly and concisely stated the estimated bill would be $188.33

*note they did this without ever leaving the chat and quickly emailing me the transcript.

Verzion on the other hand left chat repeatedly, never gave a direct answer but instead a bunch of run around. Then after an hour, yes an hour of re-connecting due to their "technical difficulties" an agent FINALLY quoted..... $212.91 an extra $24 a month for staying with a company that I have been with for years. Oh and of course when asked, they "could not waive the activation fee but you can 'save $20 by activating your device online" ...that's not a savings..THAT'S A FEE.

So we'll be going with AT&T.

Oh and the bonus "Verzion offers Hulu and Disney+ with their unlimited do more plan" it's Hulu basic and we have the pro version already from a previous sale, along with Disney+ and apple TV for free. 

For an extra $5 a month we'll just get AT&T upgrade plan.

See ya VZ


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Re: Here is CLEAR pricing
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We appreciate your tenure & are sad to see you want to go. The BOGO deals for us as well as AT&T do require a new line of service, however, new and existing customers can get the promotion. This pricing is available in detail on line, and through customer service, sorry that you had trouble with a Chat session. Is there anything we could do to keep you as a customer?