Horrible Customer Service
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  The task was to transfer a verizon number from a business account to a verizon personal account, pretty simple or it should have been. Started the process on Nov 12th. It is now Nov 30th and no closer to a solution. After 15 plus calls, a couple of chats, numerous verizon agents among several departments and a new SIM card, nothing has been done. I have been hung up on and supposedly the task "elevated" to no avail. We are leaving their services after a decade of being their customer. Cant believe it! I wish I could let someone know of what a poor process this is and an even worse experience. I hope someone reads this that has authority to do something about it. Wish the outcome could have been more amicable.

Re: Horrible Customer Service
Customer Service Rep

I'm so sorry to learn about what happened. It saddens me to think we may lose you, and I'm here to help you with a resolution. Please contact our Port Center directly, for further assistance. You can reach them at 888-844-7095. Their hours of operation are:


Sun 9AM-9PM CT

Mon-Sat 7AM-11PM CT