Horrible LTE signal

I live on the outskirts of Houston Texas, in one of the fastest growing population areas in the entire USA. My Verizon LTE signal is so bad, on our 2 phones and 2 iPad Pros and 2 Verizon Jet Packs that our connection attempts to the internet time out or drop the connection. This has been going on for several years  

Some times it takes more than 3 minutes to connect, even on the very first attempt of our data cycle. 
Don’t waste bandwidth by saying it’s my house issue or sim card…  it’s not!

To be clear, I always update my devices with the current o/s. I constantly reboot my devices. I pay an extraordinary amount of money for Verizon unlimited data and get a very poor return in exchange. 

As soon as my contract expires, I doubt that I will renew. 

Re: Horrible LTE signal
Customer Service Rep

Hello! Are you experiencing issues with just data, or calls and text as well?