Horrible Wireless service

We have total Verizon service in our home.  Landline and cable.  Almost $300 per month there.  Then we have two iPhones and two IPads.  Total monthly  Verizon bill is over $700. Just had Verizon here today for 3 hours servicing landline.  Here is why I am SOOO angry.  I pay for 4G service for my iPad and cell phone.  Lately all I get is LTE and only 1 bar and on a good day maybe 2 bars sometimes. Today my cell phone was unusable and my iPad takes forever to even download a message.  Trying to reach Verizon is an exercise in futility.  They are certainly happy to let you do ANYTHING online if it is to buy something or pay your bill.  Forget it if you are trying to get any help.  Trying to call them is a joke!

for the last 10 years I have paid Verizon over $50,000 for “service”. It used to be good and worth it.  I am so livid right now!  I simply cannot work this way with pathetic 1 bar service IN THE SAME EXACT AREA THAT I HAD 4 BAR SERVICE UP UNTIL A WEEK AGO.  IT IS NOT MY DEVICES AS THIS EXACT SAME ISSUE OCCURRED AT EXACTLY THE SAME TIME.  If anybody from Verizon reads this and gives a dirt please respond on how to reach a real person who wants to help as opposed to someone who says to reboot my device.  

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Re: Horrible Wireless service
Customer Service Rep

Hello, pjgoldsmith. It worries us to hear of the problems with service being experienced, and that you have been unable to contact our customer service. It is our priority to ensure you have reliable service, and we will do everything in our hands to help. We have some questions to better assist. Could you please provide us with your city and state to review the network in your area? Do you experience these issues outdoors at your home? DavidR_VZW