Horrible connections.
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I have never been so flustrated with my service as I am right now.  I am considering changing.  I have been with Verizon 15-20 years, or more.  My service has been the worst ever.  Calls are dropped, I can’t get calls to go through, people call and I can’t hear them, internet searches are useless because I get a blank screen, watching TV apps freeze or rebuffed continuously.  I was on vacation and my house alarm went off and I could answer the call or pull up my online cameras to look.  I have never had this problem before.  I have always bragging on Verizon but not anymore.  I would not recommend this service to anyone.  I get  1-2 bars never more.  Just bought the IPhone 11 in the spring and I am so disappointed.  I am paying for something I can’t use.  I have a medical issue that requires my phone for emergencies but I can’t trust it To work.  I’ve been in the store 3xs and they tell me nothings wrong.  They don’t see dropped calls. 

If your customer comes in with problems, you need to find the problem.  You are not doing this.  Verizon grade F-.

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