Horrible reception several months
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I am so tired of only having 1 bar and not being able to do any of my business on my phone because the signal is so bad.  I have called the tech support so many times and they keep wanting to blame my phone and ask me to do all sorts of tests. Nothing helps. I should at least have 4g according to them and I don’t.  In my house, or in my car or anywhere.   

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Re: Horrible reception several months
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I've had the same issue with both of our phones for a long time. I've called numerous times and each time they tell me that they are "escalating" the situation and "guaranteed" me that it would be resolved with in 72 hours. I've had several tickets and each time the say that it has been resolved? NO it hasn't and all of our neighbors who have Verizon are having the same issues. Inside the house and outside in the yard it doesn't matter. I was outside standing right next to my neighbor and text her and she never received it. We did this back and for several times and we couldn't even get enough service to send a text. We drive down the road in either direction approx 1 mile and we get 4 bars. 

They have sent us 5g sim cards and that even made it worse. Thinking about switching providers because this is ABSOLUTLY RIDICULOUS!!

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