Horrible time consuming experience

I tried upgrading my wife’s and my iPhones to the IPhone 12 Max’s over the past week. That’s right, a whole week. I still have not been able to place an order that has been completed. It started last week with an online chat with a rep from Verizon. After over an hour we were almost done with the transaction and the website went down. No chat available. No one tried contacting me to finalize the order. So I called Verizon customer service. Rep found my order and tried to finalize but system was down and credit card payments couldn’t be accepted. He said he would call me back the next evening. Got off the phone and checked my bank account. Transaction did go through and was charged the taxes and fees. Got the call the next day. Rep said he canceled that order and that my money would be returned in 4-5 business days. Spent over an hour and placed the order again. Charged another $300 plus for fees and taxes.  He said I would receive the phone next business day. Monday arrived and no phone. Waited till Thursday and no phone. Just 2 boxes for returning our old phones for credit. Called customer service again. After explaining everything, Rep said she would take care of everything. After about 20 minutes of waiting and talking, without any noticed got transferred to sales dept. Sales rep apologized but said they had no idea why I was transferred to them. So she transferred me to another rep that said my order would have to be cancelled, I would have to wait till my payment plan was cancelled to place another order. So, I just cancelled the whole order. Definitely considering moving to AT&T. Better offer on IPhone 12 Pro Max and willing to pay off my account. 

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