Hotspot disappeared.

My iPhone XR had my hotspot already programmed and I used it regular.   Now it's dissapeared and when I try to connect to the website to activate again it goes to the Verizon app to add a line.   What's that about and how do I fix it? 

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Re: Hotspot disappeared.

I’m having this same issue and I have the same phone, the XR. I accidentally left my hotspot on this month and other users used 29 gb of my plan. Ugh 
so in entirety my phone has used 37.2 gb 

I also owe some money for last month but that’s happened to me before and it’s never completely disappeared like it has now. Cannot find the personal hotspot on the menu at all. Does anyone know how to fix this? I tried going to chat with an agent on the Verizon app but it leads me to collections phone numbers. I just paid last month, just catching up. It shouldn’t be disappearing. 

Re: Hotspot disappeared.
Customer Service Rep

Hello, GreenCherry. We are here to help. To clarify, did you recently change plans? If so, what plan are you on currently? CourtneyM_VZW