How do I file a complaint?

We bought an Apple Watch Series 6 with cellular capabilities through Verizon in November 2020. The cellular capabilities never worked. We spent hours and hours on the phone with Verizon trying to do resets, which never worked. Always getting disconnected or being told that we’d get a call back and never getting a call back. FINALLY in February 2021, after texting with an agent for hours trying to do the same resets and tips to get the watch to work (that we had already done with other reps multiple times), we were able to get that agent to place a replacement order. Unfortunately, it never came. Two other representatives since then have said that they placed the order for us. Nothing came. Most recently, Verizon told us that Apple needed to handle it. So why were the other reps telling us they had placed an order? Below is the timeline of all of the contact we’ve had with Verizon to resolve the issue. SIX MONTHS after receiving the defective watch and the issue still isn’t resolved. (Some of the conversations were through text message with Verizon, those we have records of. Obviously the phone conversations and their app/web chat conversations we don’t have records of. But many of the chats/texts were over the course of multiple hours, sometimes with reps not responding for over 30 minutes.):

February 8th: spoke to an agent for a replacement Apple Watch with order number 8714832, location code P218101. Also said he gave us a $30 for the months that we had been unable to use the watch.

February 22nd: checked on order through customer service text service because no order ever came, the agent said the order was canceled due to “an error.” Agent said he spoke to tech support and re-ordered the watch through them. Assured me the watch would be delivered within 5-10 business days.

March 11th: Checked on order again because nothing came. The agent said I had to call tech support. He said, “Here's their direct line: 800-922-0204 option 3.” (This agent also had to re-do the $30 refund that the first agent had supposedly given because it wasn’t “applied correctly). Anyway, I called the “direct line” to tech support and it was just the main Verizon answering service. I requested Tech Support and received a text with a link to chat and then the call hung up. I explained the whole story though the chat to tech support. The chat timed out and I was disconnected (even though we were actively chatting). I tried chatting again, explaining the whole situation all over to another agent (including the fact that I had just been disconnected). The same thing happened, the chat disconnected.

March 12th: I spoke to an agent through text, telling them everything that happened above. I was texting support with this agent for over 4 hours, sometimes going over 30 minutes waiting for a single reply. Eventually I was disconnected because my “just checking you’re still there” message was responded to with “We received your message and we’ll connect you with the next available agent.” I began a new chat and was told to schedule a call back. I told the agent that whenever I have previously scheduled a call back, I have never gotten one. (Because that’s what we used to do when we were just trying to get the watch to work for 4 months before Verizon finally agreed to replace it). The agent made sure to take my phone number and said that I would definitely get a call back within 24 hours. Your website says “Skip the hold time and receive a call in 10-15 minutes.” No call ever came.


Scheduled a call back for 3April21 between 1-1:30 ET. Received a text saying that I missed their call but no call ever came.


Scheduled a call back for 17April21 between 11-11:30ET. Received a text saying that I missed their call but no call ever came.


28April21: scheduled a call to a different phone number which worked. The agent said the order was placed and would arrive two days later on 30April21. Order number 2917292


30April21: Called because there was no order email or package. The lady on the phone said the reason the order never came was because the pink bands are out of stock but the rose gold watch is in stock. My husband tried to explain that he didn’t care about the band he just wanted a watch that would work and then the call disconnected. 


3May21: Called to be told that Verizon doesn’t do replacement so the representative connected us directly with Apple. They did a reset on the watch and had to do an update, so they scheduled a call back for the next day. Did not receive a call back from Apple.



Does Verizon (our cell phone provider) not have our cell phone numbers? All of these times that we’ve been disconnected, did you not know how to call us back? Were the reps just messing with us when they said they had placed our order, multiple times? Only to be told months later that Verizon doesn’t do replacements? Are we ever going to get the watch and service that we’re pay for every single month? We’re literally at our wits end. We both work full time and don’t have time in our schedules to be on the phone or chats with for 3-4 hours over and over and over for so many months only for our problem not to be resolved.