How do I get a problem with my bill fixed—preparing now to file a consumer complaint with the State Attorney General

I see multiple customer complaints consistent with my problem.  I’ve recently upgraded phones on my account taking advantage of Verizon’s promotional offer in December.  After multiple calls (check your phone logs & recorded conversations), your Customer Asst Reps assured me my turn-ins were received and will be credited on my bill.  My bill has no visibility of what I’ve been credited for the phones turned in but currently shows full price charges monthly for 30 months for each phone.  Also, there was an issue with an unidentifiable number on my account ***** incurring monthly charges of $24.72.  They assured me that this would be corrected and that I wasn’t charged this in the past.  My further research of account records online  shows that I’m still being charged monthly for this unknown fee, plus these charges go back several months.  We were going to use this unassigned number on my account for an Apple watch repair but that had to be cancelled  because it wasn’t covered per phone conversation your insurance reps & customer rep.  That’s when I discovered these unknown charges are being incurred. Your customer rep told me she removed the charges on this number.  Total fees charged to this unknown service needs to be accounted for to determine if refund is necessary.  I need someone to call me to fix this and a documented record of what will be corrected so that I can determine what to pay for this months bill that was due on the 8th of Feb.  

Re: How do I get a problem with my bill fixed—preparing now to file a consumer
Customer Service Rep

Good Morning! Thank you for sharing all those details with us. It is crucial to ensure that all the charges on the account are correct. We are here to help and investigate further. Any trade device credit can take 1- 2 billing cycles after the devices are received. Now, regarding the other line that you mentioned, we need to investigate further. This is a watch line? When was is supposed to be canceled? ~Gina