How to cancel duplicate order? sales agent or customer service can't help
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I wanted to upgrade my son's phone thru apple online but hit glitch because Apple site could not communicate with Verizon. Given urgency in getting a new phone, I went thru Verizon online and a sales agent via chat helped process order and convinced me to purchase accessory bundle. All seemed to go smoothly but as soon as sales agent said goodbye I received not one but two different emails with different order #s for the exact same accessory package. I checked my account and sure enough, it shows i have purchased two sets of accessories (in addition to the phone). I immediately got back on chat to explain and get this corrected. After minutes of waiting a new sales agent apologized that she can't help once order is completed and sent me to customer service and a new chat window. It went downhill from there.

I have wasted several hours with delays, multiple agents that kept dropping my chat before finally one of them insisted they couldn't see my duplicate orders and that i had to work with sales agent to correct this. I tried again with sales agent chat and as soon as i explained that i needed to cancel an order the named agent suddenly disappeared. I began the day really wanting to buy this via Apple to avoid the ALWAYS messy Verizon process. Of courses I can try to call Verizon directly but lost my entire afternoon now and am spent and furious.

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We want to ensure you get the assistance you need with your order concerns, sabato. We are here for support and happy to help! Do you see an option to cancel your order online when signing in and viewing your orders through My Verizon?