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I would like to be given information on how to file a formal compliant.  Our son recently traveled to Norway and we signed up for the $100 international plan.  Only a few days into his trip we started to receive overage messages.  We called Verizon and they told us the plan was not activated and the overage charges would go away.  We also talked with our son at this point and told him to stop using his phone and make sure you are always connected to WIFI.  We got another message a couple of days later that we again were charged overage.  The agent this time told us that our son had sent out 1000 texts in only a few days....this was simply not true and I don't know anyone that could send out that many texts in such a short time.

Long story short, we talked with 4 different agents that all told us the overage fees were not correct and they would be taken care of.  Well, I just got a bill for $281 charges in overages.  We once again called Verizon and were told that the only thing they could do for us is credit us $100.  This is totally unacceptable.  We would have told our son to completely stay off his phone if we knew that the overage charges were correct.  Why do I have to pay an extra $181 to Verizon for false information that we were given from Verizon?  If their agents give us wrong information shouldn't it be on the company to handle the fees from the overages?

I asked the agent if I could talk to a supervisor above him so that I could get the entire $281 credited.  He told me that he was as high as it gets.  There has to be someone that can help with this issue.  Doesn't seem right that we can be given wrong information, make decisions based off that information and then be charged extra.  

Can someone please give me the information on how to submit a formal complaint?

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Re: How to enter a formal compliant
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Good day, hgalyardt. As a consumer and traveler, I sincerely understand your concerns about the international service charges on your bill. And we want to review this issue further as your satisfaction, billing accuracy, and providing you with a great experience are top priorities for us. We sent you a private message, please reply to it and we'll be able to help you further.