How to submit a complaint
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i ordered the iPhone 12 pro max online and it was delivered to the wrong address. I spent multiple hours on hold and with Verizon customer support and kept getting different answers on what’s going to happen. I needed to get it sorted out fast because I was leaving for a while for work and didn’t have Time to deal with a lost phone that I needed. In the end I MYSELF ended up tracking it down by going to near by business and asking if they had a package delivered on accident and got lucky enough to find it. For a customer that has been using them for years I expected better customer support than I got and a lot faster than it happened and now I ran through the website and can’t find a area to give them my complaint 

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Re: How to submit a complaint
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What exactly was someone in a center in another state was supposed to do? They aren't USPS/Fedex/UPS. If the address in the order was correct, that isn't on them. That's with who delivered your package.

Re: How to submit a complaint
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Hello, we apologize for the delays you experienced with your order. We appreciate any feedback we get and are constantly working to improve. Please feel free to send us a Private Note, we are here to help in any way we can.