I Just Want My Phone- Delayed Shipment, Terrible Service
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My husband gave me an iwatch for my birthday so I had to make the switch from android to iPhone. I attempted to place an order for the iPhone 11 128 GB on Tuesday, October 8th. I am a manager on the account, however the website said an email needed to be sent to the account manager. So I chatted with a very nice person named Brittany. She was "happy to help" by placing the order for me after she verified I was a manager on the account. She even found the phone at a nearby store so I coud pick it up the same day. Everything seemed great and I was happy... until my husband sent me a text saying not only did she order the smaller GB, but she put the upgrade on his phone. I immediately wrote her back to explain the issue and she said I would have to contact the store to cancel and she would place a new order. 

I contacted the store and explained the situation. Problem #1, the store did not have any iPhone 11s in stock. Problem #2, they could not help me and directed me to the 611 number with Verizon. At this point I was feeling aggitated, but continued. I called the 611 number and it kept trying to send me to  digital chat. The digital chat continued to tell me to contact the store where the phone was purchased, but I could not explain that it was purchased online and not directly from a store. I called the number again and requested to speak to a representative. I finally got someone after an eight minute wait time. The girl was super nice and helpful and she was able to cancel the first order and place a new order for the phone I wanted, but we were past the cutoff time for ordering and my phone would now arrive Friday insted of Thursday. All I needed to do was look for an email an accept the terms and conditions. The email came, but it would not accept the last 4 of the social number on the account.

I was forced to contact Verizon once again for help (I am on person #4). I explained the issue to the new person, but they could not help me.  I was sent to support person #5 and he was able to correct the glitch and I accepted the terms and agreement, however my payment for the second attempt was denied earlier, but no one told me. He reprocessed my payment and I received an email.

It is now Thursday and I checked the account to make sure my phone would arrive Friday as scheduled, but the order is still processing. Grrrrr.... so I decided to open a chat (person #6) to figure out what happened. Apparently a ticket was opened to waive the upgrade fee and the phone was never shipped. At this point I am over it and would cancel if my poor husband had not tried to buy me a nice birthday gift. I am basically locked into this stupid phone and what is worse is the support people on chat clearly are typing from a script which is super annoying because they act like they care and you know they are most likely scratching their butt and flipping you off as they are typing these super nice things to you. So now I get to wait 12 hours to see if I will get my phone Monday. The suspense is killing me... not really, just Verizon Wireless. I need vodka. 

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