I am being sent the wrong phone?

I went ahead and upgraded one of my lines the other day, paid the down payment, applied the trade in with the current phone that is paid off completely (iPhone X). I received a receipt in my email for the purchase of the 256gb iPhone 11 Pro Max, and got the notification it shipped that night. 

I was so very excited!!! But looked at my orders, and evidently there is an iPhone X on its way to me, while I paid for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. I’m concerned because the phone has already shipped, and I know there is nothing I can do in the situation in those regards. Unfortunately lines are down, and the representative I spoke to last night could not help me. When I put the order number into Verizon.com, it tells me the order doesn’t exist. 


What do I do? How do I receive the iPhone I paid for? 

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