I am currently in tears
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I have been with Verizon for over 14 years. I have been a loyal customer and never had any issues with any of my lines until I tried upgrading. Last year in July, the sales representative sold me an iPhone XS Max and said that indeed I was part of the IPhone Annual Upgrade Program. After terrible service in store, over the phone and online I am about done with Verizon. I have been given the run around and no one will help me regarding an issue the sale rep made on my line. He signed me up for a two year contract and many representatives said that I could have it waived if I returned my current phone. That sounds great right? Wrong !!! They say that there is nothing they can do. Mind you the first time I tried upgrading the representative said that we were all set and she had me erase my entire phone and remove my case and screen protector! Then right after she said my phone was not eligible even after showing her the terms and conditions. Now I’m left with an empty phone, lost data and I’m in tears because I feel stuck... with no where to turn to ... living with a mistake a sales rep made. 

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Re: I am currently in tears
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VZW service really terrible and no one lifts a finger to help. I would look to another carrier which is what I am doing.