I can hear other party but they cannot hear me

Hi, this problem occurs on two separate iPhone Xs phones, in my home.  outside my home works fine.  this problem started happening about two months ago (June/July 2021).  I have lived here for 15 years and never had a wireless issue with Verizon until now.  I am convinced it is Verizon, and not an iPhone issue or setting etc.  I live in Sayreville NJ.

90% of the time the other party cannot hear me, and I hear them fine.

when i switch to wifi calling the issue is gone. this eliminates the iphone microphones, which i already tested the front and back microphones anyway and they work fine.

i have turned off bluetooth, reset network settings, tried speaker phone and normal ear phone position, soft and hard reset of the phone, noise cancellation setting, etc etc etc

 I have 4 bars LTE consistently

Again, problem is with both iPhone Xs phones

So frustrating, I have chatted with Verizon Support, re-tried everything I listed here and still no good.  I am at the point where I will change service providers - it is sad that Verizon never admits any of their issues.  Maybe a cell tower has changed, maybe 5G has caused an issue, but never a Verizon admission of anything.



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Re: I can hear other party but they cannot hear me
Customer Service Rep

Sorry to hear about the trouble, WS02. We know having a reliable connection at home can be very important. We'll be happy to help out. Do you use a network extender in your home? - Henry