I can’t get anybody to talk to you on the phone

I have a written contract but can’t get anyone to speak with me to figure out the overage charges for the last three months. Nor have I received my credit card I was supposed to when I first signed in November.

I have gone to the Plymouth Verizon store he says he can’t help. Per district manager Bryant. I’ve spent hours on the phone for months. only to get disconnected after being on hold for hours at a time. At the Verizon store. We  have tried to chat, the game there is to get you irritate you to just stop or at times out and leave you hanging. I’ve emailed the district manager who I talked to one time in the store.  But has not respond to any of my new phone calls text messages email. 
i’m trying to set up an appointment with Jared in the Woodhaven store but no one can help me with that. Malik says my problem is with that manager. I was originally told that my bill would be 166+ the 10% taxes approximate.

if I pay this months bill they would’ve charged me nearly $1400 for three months for four device. Do you notice the commercials never say any more that they are number one for customer service. This is worse than any  cable company Experience, Verizon has taken a play out of there a playbook and Send most of the calls overseas with people that With a little experience and can hardly speak English. In one chat they said you have up to you’re over the 500 characters. They asked for more information we got down to 410 and we still could never send it.

This week Anthony Dettore

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