I cannot get verification code text messages
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I was fine until recently as of now, yesterday before I activated a new apple device that I had went and got from store by exchanging a different apple device, now I am having problem receiving verification code text messages from different sources, I was receiving them fine on the iPhone 12 through a different carrier, now as I start new service by activating new phone with Verizon I am having problems receiving text messages from all different sources like email sources and etc, even having problems receiving discount codes, and like coupon promo codes as well via text message but Verizon text messages with a verification code come through as well as regular text messages from people, an agent has been helping do what all they can do like synced my messages or whatever it was, on the iPhone under Messages I have iMessage on, send with SMS on and MMS on, but not Airplane mode it is off, I been advised to even take out SIM Card and let it stay out for 2 minutes, put it back in phone and restart it, that did not help at all to see if I would start receiving verification codes, nope it did not help out at all, 

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