I did not get my promotion credit
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Hello everyone,

Early December last year, there was a BOGO(buy one get one) promotion with a new line required. I bought a new Iphone 12 Pro Max with a new line and accidentally skip the option to get a free phone or something(I actually did not remember), I did not have a chance to pick the second phone. I contacted the customer service by chat and about that. I asked her should I cancel this order and reorder the new one or what she suggested. She said she got that, she ordered the second iphone for me and also applied the BOGO promotion. She said the promotion credit would be posted in couple months.

Few months later, I checked the bill and there was no promotion credit for the second phone. Contacting the customer service by chat again, they said the BOGO promotion was applied and asked me to wait for couple more months.

Checking the bill again and did not se any credit. I called the customer service at this time, he said he did not see any promotion and asked me to go to Verizon store.

I went there, talked to the lady, she said she can only help with phone buying. She gave me a phone number to call the customer service. That was sad. I gave up on it until now I found out I could post something here.

I wonder why they told me the promotion was applied at first and told me different story after couple months. 

I also took screenshots of the conversation with the customer service who told me the promotion was applied. But I dont know how to send it to Verizon. I think they do not provide the email customer service.

What do you guys think I should do?

Thank you.

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