I just should go to TMobile. Verizon falling short in my area
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Hello I hope everyone is well and safe in these crazy times. I am looking for options currently I am at the point where I am wanting to just pay off my 14Pro and take my 4 lines to another carrier all together. I have called and complained about service in our area for over a year now. At first I thought it may of been my 12 Pro but after upgrading to the 14Pro and the symptoms followed and seeing the same thing on my kids Verizon phones (Androids) when they visit. I knew something had to be wrong. I can not even get a decent signal LTE or 5G outside on my porch out in the open. Crazy enough my parents have Cingular Cellular  (TMobile Network) with an S9 and a S10 and they had coverage without ISSUE strong cell strength. So I have to ask myself why am I paying for a cell service that has poor coverage in most areas that I need to be. I should not have to do wireless calling just to get service in my home. I am not paying Verizon to have to use my internet to make calls if that is the case Verizon should pay my ISP for me.

After many calls and the standard troubleshooting I was sent a LTE Extender which technically the same thing but whatever. Its still not a seem less ordeal. If I walk more than 50 feet from it the phone can not figure out what to do and my calls drop when trying to connect to a local tower. So basically the tower strength is so low that the phone can not decide what to connect to again this is not my phone as it has followed to new devices.

The sad thing is I am in a heavily populated area not out in the middle of nowhere where poor coverage is expected. I mean come on there is a Verizon store 1.1 miles from my home. I went there and asked and their suggestion was just keep it on LTE. I was like really? But gave it a shot and still horrible coverage in my area. I even swapped my sim as another suggested fix from Verizon. Still same issue.

I went back to Auto setting with my 5G and LTE because it did not make any difference. I mean when basic speed tests return a ping response of 100ms with down load speed of 500k to 2Mbps a second and this is a constant result upload speeds are usually slower anyway but most of the time it errors out.

You get the well we will have a tech look at it and never hear anything back and that is ONLY after you have to run down the generic troubleshooting steps the Tier1 techs have. Like I said it was not until I spoke with a Tier2 that I was able to get this Extender he even stated they are aware of the issue and that is why they are sending it free.

What is this rant all about? Looking for options because clearly Verizon is not doing anything about trying to fix the tower coverage in this area and it is getting progressively worse. So Verizon has a store in this area selling the most reliable coverage in America knowing that less than a mile away the coverage is garbage. Am I the only one that has issues with Verizon like this? I have been with them for years but this is getting ridiculous and I am about to pay off all my devices and go to another carrier at this point because I feel like they really could care less. Sorry about being all over the place as I am aggravated at the situation and can not think clearly at the moment. Thanks you!

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