I need help with customer service
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I need help with customer service. June 20, 2021 I ordered 2 new phone Phones the Agent had me change my plan to 55plus loyalty plan discount for 2.  I signed for that on both phones and ordered 2 new phones.. One was shipped incorect and returned..I was supposed to recieve a $579.99trade in for my old phone..Also the agent told me whe I hung hup i should sign up as a veteran for an additional discount..Well i did all as instructed.  When veteran discount was approved my plan went from $80.00 to $120.00.  Ok i get it they dont do two discounts (fine print)  many many calls over 2 months they promise to change ..NO LUCK!   I returned my phone and got a $37.trade in value again no help from customer service,,they keep telling me they will take care of it no help!..they promise to fix and call back.. no luck  WHAT CAN I DO TO GET THIS CORRECTED.. Any ideas!!


Re: I need help with customer service
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reginaswit, we appreciate you bringing this to our attention in regard to the issues you've been having with your trade-in value and price plan increase. We will be happy to assist you with reviewing what happened to help get this correct. We have sent you a Private Note, so please respond at your earliest convenience.