I was charged a payoff on a phone when it was supposed to be an upgrade.

I upgraded my IPhone 12 to the 13 Pro Max back on the first week of November 2021.  I waited the five days and then sent back the IPhone 12. My billing cycle closes on the 20th of the month. My bill is taken out on the 10th of the next month via debit card automatic payment.  December’s payment was late. I paid it around the 20th.  I received the text message a couple of days later and it showed that my next bill would be $689.  My normal bill is around $345. Immediately called Verizon customer service.  I told the representative that I thought it was the late payment. She said she showed the payment and when it processed through the system, it would be removed.  I thought everything was fine.  On the 16th of January 2022, I was looking at my account to pay bills and noticed over $300 missing.  I checked my bank account and found that the $689 had been taken out by Verizon. I called customer service again. I spoke with Ally, and she informed me that I had been charged a payoff for the old phone that I had sent into them in November 2021. I explained to her about the call in December 2021 and asked how this had happened.  I gave her the tracking number and confirmed that Verizon had received the old phone. It was going to take too long for them to return the money, so I went to my bank to file a complaint and have it returned immediately. The bank told me they had stopped doing that and to contact Verizon again. I called Verizon on the 18th after I left the bank.  I spoke with Lisa and explained that I needed it returned ASAP. She told me she would put in an expedited ticket because otherwise it would take the three to five days.  I went into a nearby Verizon store and spoke with Zane. He told me that my request was denied. He then called customer service and found out that a credit needed to be issued first. The agent did this, but was not requested as an expedite. I spoke with Shelley, a part of the Verizon management team and explained the situation again. I asked her how this could have happened in the first place.  The only answer she gave me was I am sorry this happened to you.  She also told me that there was nothing she could do about me having to wait for the money.  I do not understand how the system could show an upgrade with trade in and then I get charged a payoff for a phone I don’t even have possession of!?  Has this happened to anyone else?  

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Good luck. Back in October, a pre-ordered a Pixel 6 pro. I ended up canceling the pre-order, because they kept back ordering the phone. It's been 2 months since canceling the order, and they are still charging me for a buyout of the phone that I never received, and was never even shipped. I've called about five times, and been through at least 10 chat sessions with customer service representatives. They've all told me that the charges will be cleared within 48 hours. Every single time. It's been 2 months. No one is doing anything to help my situation. I wish the best of luck to you, but when it comes to Verizon customer service actually helping you, don't expect it to happen. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.