I was lied about non-existing promo and stuck with full priced device

I called to see my options for a new device and I was offered a new iphone mini 12 for my existing line without a trade-in. The agent on the phone said I was basically dumb not to get this deal. I was skeptical about getting a phone over the phone and said if I could do it at a nearest store. This guy insisted I do it over the phone and I won't be able to do it at a store. Now that I think about it, this is very odd and I'm wondering if he got any incentive for tricking me into getting a phone.

When I got my first bill, I was charged for the full price so I called and spoke with several reps and I was reassured that I will get all of it back after 2 billing cycles. After 3 months, I was still getting billed for the full device payment. I called and called and finally spoke to a manager and found out that the promo was NEVER applied???  And that they cannot apply the promo into my account anymore. 

Now I'm stuck with this phone AND a 2 year contract. Why would I pay for the device that was given to me for free because it was about to get discontinued? I was constantly provided with wrong information over the past 3 months period yet I cannot believe I'm the one who has to take the responsibility for this.

I'm taking the consequences of the mistake made on Verizon's end. No one knew what they were doing or saying. With so much frustration and disappointment I just want to leave Verizon but that's not even possible because I waited AS THEY TOLD ME TO and apparently that pushed me out of 30 day period that I can return the phone.

How come no one can do anything about this? This is clearly a fault made on Verizon's end. Truly disappointing...

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