I was misled

I switched to Verizon, because I was going to get $500 per line, once I transferred I decided to trade in my phone before I did the trade I called customer service and asked them many time if the trade in was going to affect my rebate , and they said multiple times no, and I traded in my old phone for a new one. A few weeks went by and I got my first rebate, and never received the rebate for my line. I contacted customer service and they told me that because I traded in my old phone my line wasn’t eligible for the rebate. I was extremely furious because I called, and asked if the trade in was going to affect my rebate and they told me “no”. I’m extremely disappointed, as soon as I paid for my phone I will switch to another company.

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Re: I was misled
Customer Service Rep

Angelcdn, thank you so much for reaching out to us. We would be sad to see you leave the Verizon Wireless family. To confirm, you were to get a $500 rebate for switching to Verizon Wireless. You were able to submit the details for the rebate online. After that was done, you upgraded one of your lines and use the device that you brought over from another carrier as a trade-in to get a trade-in promotion.