IPhone 11 won’t work in house

About two months ago my phone stopped working for phone calls in my house. I can hear everyone when they call me but they can’t hear me at all. This seems to only be for people that don’t call me on an iPhone. If they call from a Samsung or another Ntwrk they can’t hear me if they call from an iPhone they can. I have tried moving to different spots in my house I have tried turning on and off Bluetooth I have tried turning on and off Wi-Fi nothing helps. This is frustrating because I work in healthcare and I’m on call and an emergency I have to run out of my house at all hours of the night and stand in the middle of the road

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Re: IPhone 11 won’t work in house
Customer Service Rep

Lynmiron, we always want our customers to have the reliable service they deserve. To see that you’re having issues is disappointing. Let’s check out what’s going on and see how we can help. Since this has been happening, have you powered your device off for at least 2-3 minutes and then powered the device on again? Have there been any recent updates to your device (software related)?