Im leaving Verizon after 10 years

Today I am unable to use my debit card, pay my bills or access any of my bank accounts.  I have an App via my bank

this app allows me to cut off and on my DEBIT card. I cannot use this app today because my app needs to be updated

I cannot update my app because my ITunes payment decline $9.99, I have paid almost $300 on my Verizon BILL THIS

MONTH, I am appaulded that I cannot get into my bank account to unlock my debit card, pay my bills, or purchase gas to get

home from work, all because of an Update that needs to be done on this stupid App.  I know that Apple is blocking

access to the App because of a $9.99 declined payment, listen, all I need to do is update the stupid App so I

can sign into my bank app and unlock my debit card, THEN THE PAYMENT WILL GO THROUGH DUUUHHH.

I was told I will need to go to my bank, get some cash buy an Itunes card, enter it on my phone so they can get this $9.99.

I am handicap, going to the bank is challenging for me, so I am going to try to see if my bank can unlock my debit card when

they open today Central time, I am on Eastern time so Apple can get $9.99 paid.  All of this inconvenience for $9.99, that is

it for me Verizon, I am about to sign up for a cheap AARP phone plan, I do not need all of these issues paying $120 a month

plus  $9.99 for Icloud plus $9.99 for ITunes, plus $7.99 for Netflix, I am CANCELLING ALL OF IT I AM DONE!

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Customer Service Rep

We are truly saddened to see you want to cancel service with Verizon after 10 years due to an issue with your iTunes account. iTunes goes through Apple and not Verizon. This means that the two are not connected in any way, Sabow107. 


Exactly what app are you trying to update? What happens when you attempt to update that app? 


If there is an issue with your Verizon cellphone,  bill or account, we would love to assist you with that. 


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